Email Hosting

truly independent email service

for the practical business owner

Let each of your team members choose the right email app for them, be it Apple Mail, Windows Mail, or the Gmail mobile app. Let’s face it, software is not a one size fits all but much rather the opposite, each user has his very own preference. For that reason our service focuses on portability and at the same time delivering all the essentials which everybody loves.
"swiss" privacy approach

When you host your email with us, your data is yours and yours alone. Almost every internet user at some point experienced the “free option” where users pay with their privacy. We believe in privacy for business owners and for any other creature.

anywhere / any app
We set no limitations to the way that you operate. Our compliance with IMAP4 standard means you can use any application or email program from any corner of the world. Each of our clients enjoys his very own setup.
2FA OPTION for webmail
Protect yourself at all time with 2FA which is fully integrated to our webmail interface. We recommend downloading Google Authenticator to get started and then proceed to enabling 2FA from your webmail.
remote tech support

Our remote technical support covers assistance that will get you connected and started with using your email services in connection with your domain. Covering from DNS to IMAP and SMTP. 

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