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To be at the forefront in providing web based solutions for the restaurants, we’re always on the lookout for new tools that enable us to deliver a greater end product: a website complete of all features with intuitive UI/UX.

This time we worked hand in hand with dutch company eTender VB, who represent a restaurant reservation software that we pretty much fell in love with: Guestplan. We are going to go straight to the point and explain why this went great:

Widget offering stylish UI/UX

We’ve seen a lot of reservation tools, some we’ve built ourselves and some provided by other 3rd parties but they pretty much all look the same: a fill-in form .Just when we thought we had seen them all Guestplan managed to surprise us with something superior. The Guestplan booking widget is built in such a way that it can fit on any part of the site, and it’s always there and always available. Have you ever heard that call to actions should be repeated ? Well… Guestplan clearly know this. Here are the major advantages: 

Simple WordPress Connection

We build most restaurant websites with WordPress, and having a plugin readily available on the WordPress plugin repository is simply a great way to start and stay in line with future updates. This also makes the connection with the website a breeze. We hooked up in under 5 minutes! Just enter your API key and you’re set.

Reserve with Google

We’re seeing more and more requests for compatibility with Reserve with Google. Finally, we have a solution for handling those requests. With Guestplan, this was just a matter of pressing a button!

Intuitive Back-End

The back-end allows easy access to input all the parameters needed so that your reservation system can start to “walk on it’s own”. Keeping Guestplan updated with bookings from other channels (e.g. by phone or email) is key but you will be surprised to see how easy this is and also the extent to which automation is possible for everything else that is happening at your restaurant.

If your goal is a professional website, smooth reservation software and Reserve with Google, talk to us for the complete 360 degrees. Let our years of experience in the field and our partnership with Guestplan will be an asset for your restaurant.

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