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now integrated with QR ordering

SYNCH YOUR on-premises & off-premises

Our offer is an all-in-one solution for accepting pickup orders, delivery orders, table reservations and QR ordering at your restaurant. We know your challenges : high commission costs, lack of staff, too many different tools, and no easy way to publish a menu. We solve them all.

Deposit Links for bookings
The only way to truly secure your seating capacity. Start securing your tables today by accepting a deposit per person. Check out as an example!
Real Time reservations
Can’t catch up? Accept table reservations in real time. No need to answer emails manually, all done via a hit of a button through our App. Smooth!

Accept pickup orders for collection by your clients. Use simple and efficient promos to reward clients who order and collect. Easy money!


No need to pay for commissions when accepting food orders directly. Ain’t got a fleet ? Not to worry… we’ll hook you up with our courier partners.

¬†Our effort that started back in 2013 and today we have the vastest portfolio of food and restaurant websites in Malta. We’re simply honored to be trusted by so many, and proud to have introduced sustainable and commission-free methods to the Maltese market. One of our latest innovations is online deposits for table reservations, allowing restaurant owners to truly secure their seating capacity.

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