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a simplified wordpress hosting approach

Our web hosting service is there for who is serious about the uptime and performance of his website. Even though 100% uptime can never be guaranteed we aim for a near perfect result, take security seriously and are religious about performance. We don’t believe in shortcuts, we believe that great performance and sustainability results from great methodology.

High Performance

Finding the right performance for your website means making sure your website is optimised and has the right allocation of server resources, yet without overkill and respecting feasibility. The result is a balance between performance and cost effectiveness.

Renewable Energy

We made friends with mother nature when we picked a datacenter partner that is 100% carbon neutral. This means that we power up a huge number of our sites with renewable energy. We remain committed to keep moving in a clean code and clean air direction.

Healthy Websites

Migration and Consultancy go hand in hand. We analyze rigorously before hosting. That means we will check your website for performance and security issues and run tests before we can say “we’re good to go”. We love good standards, and we’ll keep it that way.

wordpress hosting

Our website hosting services are dedicated for WordPress. Besides being the technology that we design and develop websites with, it is is open source. This enables us to host it for our clients thanks to the increased portability of open source technology.

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