QR Table Ordering

speed up service + save money


If you’re in the restaurants business, then we bet you appreciate time and efficiency. Ask yourself, why keep seated clients waiting when they can send you their order info electronically by simply scanning a QR Code? With our QR Table Ordering, the order info will go straight to your tablet, be it at your counter or kitchen. The next thing that clients will see is their food!

serve more customers

Time is money, the faster you serve the more revenue your business can generate. Your client on the other hand will appreciate a faster serving time, because his time is also money! A simple win-win situation for both business owner and consumer.

avoid human error

With our QR Table Ordering, you will not have to worry about inaccurate order information because the information is transmitted digitally and directly from the client’s phone to your Tablet. This eliminates any risks with traditional methods.

less staff dependency

From now on, you are going to worry less when your staff does not show up for work or when there isn’t enough man-power to handle your rush hours. You’ll work more efficiently and with less staff.

reduce print costs

If you have not done so already, this will be a great opportunity to wipe out printing costs once and for all. Benefit from the ability of easily hiding out of stock items from menu or doing alterations on the fly!

marketing data

Still looking for a way to connect to all your visitors? We’ll help you gather data about your clients which allows you to easily get back to them with offers.

integration options

Seamless integration with our famous food ordering solutions, be it pickup and delivery as well as integration with our restaurant booking systems.

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