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As of 2020, we starting along term initiative to go green. One may ask, how can does a remote team of professionals working in different environments go green? Well, besides looking at our own personal decisions and actions which have a relative and fractional effect we did pay a great deal of attention when determining how we choose our data centre providers. You see… choosing providers or selecting suppliers for whatever product or service one may provide plays a big role. You might not be harming the environment yourself, but you could unintentionally be supporting someone or an organization who does by not paying attention to their environmental ethos. Our decisions as well as that of any customer play an influential role, this is why customers receive so many surveys and questions by their service providers – because they care what you think and that allows you to leave influence.

To cut the long story short, let’s say what we did about it. Shall we?

In practice what this meant for us is hosting customer websites on carbon neutral data centers. For any web developers or cloud based solutions provider the biggest decision is choosing where to host their data, It may sound like a simple task, but finding reputable data centers to work with and handling data migrations to the new centres do take their fair share of time. With generous efforts in the past two years we’re extremely proud to say that we reached approximately 95% of our long term targets already!

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