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Malta's Recovery and Resilience (RRP) Plan.

The RRP scheme is a budget of funds allocated to a country (in our case Malta) to be used for the purpose of economic growth and digitalisation, for instance getting an E-Commerce site for your business.

A Lump Sum of €4,800

Should you meet the criteria for obtaining the grant, you’ll get a lump sum of €4,800 to be used for your E-Commerce website.

Does it apply to you?

The E-Commerce Grant applies to anyone who meets a set of criteria. Two of the main criteria are the applicant has not yet received any type of EU funding and that the applicant does not already have an e-commerce site that processes online payments. If you already have a website and wish to upgrade it to an e-commerce, the scheme applies! We setup a professional team that can work hand in hand with you to prepare your application and help you get passed the red tape. Not only… we’ll get your website done!

The bottom line

An E-Commerce website can be a huge asset for your business in Malta and a grant of €4,800 would help you move faster towards that achievement. Be it a revamp or a new site, we’re here to consult you, help you apply, and build your site.

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