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We’re naturally lenient to engage ourselves in projects for Tech Companies due to our background in different technologies, so when FLASC B.V. , a technology firm based in Netherlands made contact with us we were hyped, excited, and flattered!

So let’s officially introduce our new client to our reader base. FLASC is a technology provider for the energy industry, offering an offshore energy storage solution based on hydro-pneumatic liquid piston technology. Their patented technology enables energy to be stored where it is produced (for instance on the seabed, below an offshore windmill or solar panel) and delivered to the power-grid when needed. This buffer of stored energy is a game changer, because it saves energy that would otherwise be wasted during periods of low energy demand.

Given that we finished designing and developing their website which explains their technology in more detail, we invite you to visit www.offshoreenergystorage.com where you can get the complete picture.

We’ll continue by adding what a great experience it was to work on this project. FLASC’s team as well as our team are tremendously passionate about technology and talk the same language. All of that transmitted and factored into the web design/development project because together we were able to deliver all of the UI/UX requirements.

The web design and development project was tested and delivered in 30 days, accurately meeting the promised time frames.

Here at madebywhale, we look forward to e-meet the next tech firm who needs a serious website, including the required project management and on-time deployment. madebywhale already has experience in a variety of other technology industries including the fintech and crypto industry, the 3D computer vision industry, gaming audit firms and ISO certification bodies.

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