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Big websites = Big planning.

Attard & Co Food approached us for a new website as part of their digital transformation, this was triggered by the Group’s 100th year anniversary in business which called for a new website for one of their main companies – Attard & Co Food Ltd, we knew immediately that we’re heading for a massive web design project. The group was originally founded in 1921 by Edoardo Pellegrini Petit and today enjoys a number of successful companies. Needless to say, the group earned the respect of many on the island of Malta not just because they stood the test of time but also because their name is synonymous with good ethics and trustworthiness. We learnt all of this during an interviewing process as part of our content writing strategy, and after having learnt how successful this group is going bold on their unique selling points became second nature.

Great content leads to great web

It all started with curiosity, we simply wanted to learn as much as we could about our client in order for us to come up with the most representative writeups, headings, pictures, and ultimately web design. There are many ways to design a great website, but which is the right design and content for your business?

That is a question that is better answered confidently, or not at all. Only by investing a fair amount of time learning our client and his business we were able to:

  1. Determine the right questions to be asked to our client. The relevant questions will produce answers that lead to valuable inputs for the website content.
  2. Iron out the USPs (Unique Selling Points) and value propositions, thereby creating the main headings for the website.
  3. Producing content and body text for website based on the headings created in step 2 above.
  4. Determining images required for web design processes, some of which will be photographed on site and some of which will be supplied as stock imagery.
  5. Finally create a stunning website which immediately fulfilled the customer requirement – it’s no secret, our work gets approved fast because we plan meticulously for it. 

Our clients inspire us to design

Even in today’s digital era where everything feels binary, getting inspired to create great content remains key to a great web. Feeling artistic and inspired will open doors for you that you would’ve otherwise not considered. We know for a fact that a good approach is one leads to great content irrespective of the technology used to create it. If you write better with pen and paper in one hand and a glass of wine in the other then go down that route and digitize your process at a later stage because the road to great content is the road to great web design.

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