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If your Malta based business is looking towards investing in a professional website or to revamp an existing one, it is worth looking into a couple of options that can help you fund and ultimately allocate more budget for your website project. The two financing options we’re going to talk about today are local state funds and EU funds. There means we are excluding financing options that involve private investors – we’ll talk about those another time.
option 1:

€4800 E-Commerce Grant

Offered as part of the Digitization Scheme under Malta’s Recovery and Resilience Plan, this option is great for anyone who wishes to start selling online. The funding is provided 80% by the European Union and 20% by the local state (Malta). Careful though, you won’t be eligible if you are already selling online or already benefited from EU funding before. 

Eligible applicants get:
A fixed €4800 for your E-Commerce Website

option 2:

45% Tax Credit via Micro Invest

Not every website is an E-Commerce website but what we can surely say is that every website is an investment for your business – which is where Micro Invest enters the scene! Malta’s Micro Invest is an entirely local state fund which refunds any type of investment made towards improving a small businesses activity (most businesses in Malta fall under this category).

Eligible applicants get:
45% tax refund of total net amount invested in website.

Where to start?

Right here! We provide funding support, consultancy and as you can imagine web design and development services, making us a one stop shop for your entire website journey. If you own a Malta based firm and are interested in learning more about your options contact us today on You’ll be surprised at how fast we get back to you!

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