Over a decade in the Web industry, what have we learnt?

From the Co-Founders

We’re sharing anything from important milestones, key developments, and sometimes simply our angle on what’s happening. 

Our story started over 10 years ago, with the aim to serve local businesses in Malta as well as international firms by providing them accessible and practical web services. Each year has been a lesson, and through trail and error we reached new conclusions and improved methods while sometimes, on the other hand, we re-confirmed existing methods that stood the test of time – the ones that don’t need to change. As a matter of fact, it’s not the first time we hear from our clients “Don’t change anything!”. This is not a simple suggestion for a creative and innovative team however it does not change the fact that what the client is suggesting is true.

Through each year in business we were able to reach a new level of clarity that accurately defines our service offering, if we had to translate this to its simplest form it would boil down to “what should we do, and what we shouldn’t do”. These simple rules have become essential to us, in fact we believe that to move forward in the extremely vast web industry, one must recognize that the ability to introduce new services is as equally important as the ability to limit the service offering in order to maintain focus & QoS on the key services.

Therefore, here are the web design & development services we excelled in during the past 10 years and the once we will stay focused on for the decade to come:

  • Websites for self-employed individuals offering any type of professional service or product.
  • Corporate websites, for any type of organisations that need to showcase products or services including both retail (B2C) and wholesale (B2B) businesses.
  • Catering & Hospitality websites, with a unique portfolio of software tools for the restaurant industry such as food ordering software, table reservation systems, and QR Ordering solutions.
  • E-Commerce Websites / Online Shops.
  • Website & Email Hosting Solutions.
  • Support & Maintenance.

Who should we thank for getting here?
Simple answer! We would like to thank all our clients, they have been our biggest inspiration because they helped us shape madebywhale and our service offering to what it is today and it is only thanks to them that we have a clear and focused agenda for 2024.

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