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The major pain point of conventional payment systems.

The major drawback of conventional payment systems when applied for selling food is the headache of manually refunding non-accepted or missed orders. We know well, a normal E-Commerce website and payments solution does not do the trick for eateries, and the reason for that is simple – food orders need to be confirmed, and fulfilled within minutes unlike any other industry where fulfillment takes days, weeks or sometimes months. The fast paced industry results in a high number of orders that require immediate acceptance or rejection based on a number of variables such as availability of ingredients, staff availability to process the order, and possible maintenance issues in the kitchen. It’s very common for an ingredient to suddenly run out of stock or a kitchen to fall behind order volumes in a rush hour. Therefore accepting online payments by conventional methods that simply notify you via email when a new order and its relating payment are already received is simply too rigid and too-late of an approach for an industry that requires flexibility in real-time.

Our frictionless and flexible solution for eateries in Malta, and abroad.

"We offer a real-time Restaurant App that allows you to accept or reject orders as they come and their relating payments processed or released accordingly."

Our online payments integration solves a major issue – the manual refunds for rejected or missed orders. We save you from the headache of manually processing refunds and of course the related complaints for that matter. Through Spreedly, our middleware software provider for integrating payments with the Restaurant App we are doing a pre-authorisation only at first, when the client places an order. The final authorisation is then processed only if the restaurant accepts and confirms the order via the Restaurant App – with a simple tap on the App. In scenarios where the order is either missed or rejected the final authorisation is not processed and funds are automatically released back into the client’s account – avoiding any complaints or manual refund processing.

The bottom line is less headaches, less complaints, and a better quality of service.

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