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VanGogh Imaging entrusted us with their web presence.

VanGogh Imaging Inc. approached us to revamp their site to meet the requirements and UI/UX standards one can expect from a company based in the mid Atlantic’s high tech region of Northern Virginia just outside of Washington, DC.

Our first move was our classic opening, which didn’t change in 10 years :

"Tell us what you do first, and what you want your website to do next."

It was interesting to say the least to learn about the great achievements of the team at VanGogh Imaging. The 3D computer vision technology they provide allows for tracking and rendering real world conditions, which may be used by device vendors for a number of applications such as robotics, E-Commerce, Gaming, Medical, 3D printing and more.

Today, our client is an official Nvidia partner, Infineon partner, and Zebra Registered ISV Partner. We’re simply proud to have delivered to a firm that is leaving a mark and partnering with big names! 

Learn more about this project by visiting the official website of Van Gogh Imaging.

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